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Skateboard Assembly Workshop - 10/29/22

The County Project had the opportunity to partner with the Santa Ana Rotary Club to put on a skateboarding assembling workshop at Kidworks in Santa Ana over the weekend. There are a lot of kids in the city that use a skateboard as a form of transportation from school, work and etc. There were some kids that didn’t know how to make repairs to their board, some not knowing when it’s time for them to switch out certain parts of their boards, and some that don't have the resources to constantly fix their boards. We were able to provide the kids with all the parts to a skateboard and educate them on the assembling process. They walked out of the workshop equipped with the knowledge needed for the next time they walk into a skate shop to fix their setup.

We want to thank Santa Ana Rotary for making this a possibility and Kidworks for the allowing us to use their venue. We look forward to our next project as we continue to push the culture forward.